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ACTUALLY, my reasons:
I had a roast in the slow cooker
We need to finish cutting trim for the laundry room
I’m 4-1/2 hours into Lonesome Dove, I’ll be damned if I miss the last 40 minutes.
<3 Heather

Tonight I am skipping a free Hanson concert in Manhattan BECAUSE- 
I have a new kitten I would rather play with.
I want to make caesar salads with steak on them.
I plan on baking Joe cookies for his first day working with “Chopped”
My mom is visiting from NJ and wants to talk about arts and crafts over martinis.
I worked all day and have work again early in the morning.
Ya’ll didn’t think this day would ever come, eh? Well, it has.  I think Heather’s reasons for skipping are based around cooking, arts and crafts, significant other and kitties also. 
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of course! :)
::adds to “to buy” list::
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I was LITERALLY talking about how horrible it is to even walk past a Hollister/Abercrombie about an hour ago. Notes: 491
this makes me want babies. and a bigger house. Tagged:  pretty  
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